New technology. Big advantages.
Direct Marketing redefined.


Infocore's proprietary CampaignTrac platform is injecting Direct Marketing with sophisticated, nimble technology, giving one-to-one marketers a set of advantages they’ve never had before.

The power and efficacy of the Direct Marketing channel is undeniable and well proven. But Direct has suffered from a lack of modern technology driving its ecosystem. When we built CampaignTrac in 2016, we focused on three deficiencies in Direct:

  • It used to take too long for marketers to get empirical performance results on their third party email campaigns. Three to seven days is just not acceptable in a world where marketers optimize their mobile, digital and social campaigns in real time. With CampaignTrac, marketers can see their results immediately and any time they want, since CampaignTrac is 100% web based, meaning that it's accessible 24/7/365.
  • Direct marketers used to be deprived of data about campaign performance that is commonplace in other channels, such as a granular view of the response curve by time of day, along with critical details about respondents, such as the device type they’re using, their browser and operating system. CampaignTrac now delivers that and more, regardless of which third party lists are in use for the campaign.
  • Third party list vendors self report performance metrics (such as opens and clicks), but until CampaignTrac, there was no independent method of verifying those metrics. CampaignTrac now lets clients see an audited set of performance results to directly compare to list owners’ performance results. We think everyone deserves this kind of transparency.

A show of strength

We are happy to arrange a personal demo of CampaignTrac and show you how it can help your business.