Specialized Services for
High Volume Marketers in the US

Because so many of Infocore's clients are high volume direct marketers, we've developed a suite of specialized capabilities to optimize and streamline their ongoing direct marketing needs. Our services are tuned to deliver critical advantages to our high volume clients:

Finding the Right Data In the US, the direct marketing data universe consists of more than 70,000 distinct datasets. And while US-focused marketers have the benefit of doing business in the most prolific data market in the world, the vast selection of data options can quickly become overwhelming, causing marketers to work only with a few sources they already know, while missing other, superb sources that might truly move the needle for their companies.

For this reason, clients depend on Infocore's extensive marketplace knowledge and single minded research capabilities to bring them the best in class data from large and small data providers alike.

Buying it at the Right Price For high volume marketers, even small price reductions can yield a meaningful economic advantage over the course of a year, or even a quarter. Because Infocore is such a high volume data buyer, in the US and around the world, we are able to bring our clients exceptional value in the negotiation phase of our service offering.

Managing Every Detail, from Start to Finish When it comes to managing the big and the small details for clients, Infocore's team is unsurpassed. With more 25 years of experience, our people, systems and processes deliver value from beginning to end, freeing up our clients and their agency resources to focus on other requirements that only they can deliver on: