Validate campaign results
with objective verification.

For the first time, direct marketers can now receive an independent, objective audit of all performance data related to their third party email campaigns. The Direct Marketing industry has never before been able to offer this kind of unparalleled transparency and validation of results.

Before CampaignTrac, all marketers and their agencies had to be satisfied with self-reported results from list vendors. Because there was no other option, this practice has persisted for many years. But marketers are no longer comfortable with self-reported results, so we solved that problem.

With CampaignTrac, every campaign, every vendor, and every deployment gets fully audited – continuously. We believe everyone deserves this kind of transparency and accountability, and we deliver on that promise.

A show of strength

We are happy to arrange a personal demo of CampaignTrac and show you how it can help your business.