Direct Marketing to Movers in the US

Data Sources

Each year it's estimated that 40 million Americans - 14% of the population - will move to a new home. Each week 300,000 new records become available, tracking New Movers and Pre Movers. Movers are in the market for a vast array of products and services and will spend more in the first 6 months after a move than in the next 3 years.

Movers need everything from cable, furniture, appliances, remodeling, mortgages, pet services, carpeting, and lawn care, to new doctors, schools, and dry cleaners.

Marketers targeting Movers can reach their desired audience at any stage in the process with offers customized for their needs and interests. Infocore’s analysis of the US market has uncovered 278 separate audiences that we have classified into 20 categories of selectable attributes.

It is possible to select from this diverse set of consumers with great precision when marketing with email or direct mail campaigns, allowing marketers to engage audiences for new customer acquisition and direct marketing with exceptional selection, precision, and ROI.  

To learn more about reaching these US consumers, email us at AudienceLandscape@infocore.com and request more information about the Movers Market.

Movers chart