Data Analysis Reveals Highly Segmented Consumer Groups

Published in WWD October 26, 2015


WWD logoFor brands targeting fashionistas, jewelry buyers and dedicated consumers of beauty products, target audiences in these segments are broad and diverse, according to a just-released "audience landscape" analysis report by marketing firm Infocore Inc.

The company studied target audiences in the fashion apparel, beauty and jewelry segments. The report, said chief executive officer Kitty Kolding, involved collaborating with brands and leveraging the company’s own analytical insights to "better understand the nature" of target audiences.

With self-proclaimed fashionistas, Infocore found 55 separate audiences, which can be then classified into 15 distinct categories, which brands can use to "pinpoint their target audience with offers customized for their exact fashion interests and lifestyles," the company said. For example, in the fashion apparel study, the analysis identified three audience groups within the "style at a discount" category. In the "urban" category, five specific audience groups were identified. And in the "trendy young adult" category, 10 audience groups were revealed.

The audience group is culled from a specific marketing database. And in the U.S. alone, there are more than 30,000 of these data sources.

Kolding said there is crossover in these data sources, and the maximum audience size within each group varies and reaches into the millions. "There’s a lot of crossover, and consumers can fit into different categories" the ceo said. "And, for a brand, it would be smart to overlay different categories together to target."

The beauty products analysis included 10 separate categories and 81 audiences. The categories included skin care, nails, health and beauty, fragrance, antiaging and cosmetics, among others.

In the jewelry analysis, the categories ranged from "fine jewelry" to "bling" and included 64 separate data sources. Infocore also looked at the demographic profiles of the audiences and data sources. The firm found, for example, a maximum audience size of more than six million for individuals with a net worth between $500,000 and $1 million. Again, this sort of insights would allow a brand to develop a focused approach in direct marketing efforts to a specific target audience.