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Audience Landscape Report
Direct Marketing to US Beauty Buyers
Direct Marketing to US Jewelry Buyers
Direct Marketing to Movers in the US
Marketing to Auto Shoppers in the US
Marketing to Foodies in the US
Direct Marketing to New Moms & Pregnant Moms in the USA
Marketing to US Travelers
Auto Shoppers: Available Audience Data
New Movers
Data Analysis Reveals Highly Segmented Consumer Groups

Data Catalogs
Newly Updated International Data Catalogs
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International Data Catalogs Updated 7-13-16

Data Privacy
An American Perspective: The 3 Worst Things About the EU GDPR
An American Perspective: The 3 Worst Things About the EU's GDPR
Australia Cyber Plan to Combat "Highest Vulnerability"
We were Targeted Twice with this Fiendish Scam
Chile: Strong on Obesity, Weak on Privacy
China's Ambiguous, Overreaching Cybersecurity Law
Anatomy of Most Data Privacy Law
Direct Marketing Conviction in Hong Kong
First Jail Sentence for Data Privacy Violation in Hong Kong
DMN Podcast: Data Compliance Stakes are High
No COPPA for Creepy Cayla
Is Baidu China's Google? Not Quite.
German DPAs "Raising Awareness" with enquiry
Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN)
A Marketer's Look at the EU’s New GDPR
Putin adds to anti-freedom arsenal with latest privacy laws
EU Concerns over Privacy Shield Integrity Grow
Stronger French Do Not Call Laws
Recap of APAC Data Privacy in 2014
Australian Data Privacy has teeth
Canadian Privacy Phase 1
CASL's Second Course
The ePrivacy Regulation Roadblock
France, Facebook, Harbor, Shield
Epidemic of Healthcare Data Breaches
Data Privacy Hong Kong Style
Hong Kong Guidance on Drones & Biometrics
Iceland: The Switzerland of Bits (and Coins)
Japan Not Embracing My Number
Malaysia's Hippocratic Hippopotamus
Nuisance Calls in the UK: The Crackdown Continues
Data Privacy, Putin Style
Data Privacy in Turkey
UK $170K Spam fine; Spam Bosses will be PERSONALLY Liable
1.1 million dollar Spam Spanking
Finally, Privacy for Indonesia
Russia's Blocking of LinkedIn
Singapore is Rocking The Cyber
First Enforcement for Singapore Privacy Violators
Is Transatlantic Data Flow on the Ropes?
Trumping Privacy Shield
EU sells out on Data Privacy in Turkey
WhatsApp has a Court Date in Germany

Data Sourcing Trip
Sourcing Data in Peru, Chile and Colombia
Data Sourcing in Turkey

My ad ran WHERE?!
Internet of Things + Adult Toys = Well, you can imagine…
Good Bots, Bad Bots, & Terrifying Armies of Zombie Bots
Google's Multi-touch Attribution Tools Spark Privacy Fears
Does YOUR Mobile Device have a Secret Life?
2.3 million awarded in Agency on Agency Ad Fraud case

Direct Marketing Considerations
Devices Used by Car Shoppers in 2017
Direct Mail Marketing Poised for Growth in Russia
3 Tips for Going Global
3rd Party Audience Email is the Best-Kept Secret in Acquisition Marketing
The Best Kept Secret in Acquisition Marketing
The 3 Courses of Superb Campaign Execution
Data Compliance Review Process
Countries with Most / Least expensive data
Strength of Data Privacy Regimes
Direct Marketing Data Stats & Inventory: APAC
Global Marketing Data Ratios
Going Postal in Dubai
Global Data by the Numbers
Global Data Quantities in Perspective
Market Focus: Auto Shoppers in the US
Continued Privacy Worries That Could Eradicate Predictive Analytics
Considerations for DM in Turkey
International Data Quantities by Region
B2B Marketing Data Insight for Top US Export Partner Countries
Global Data Sources Compared
A Tech Breakthrough in Direct Marketing
Trans-Pacific Partnership Marketing Data
TPP Countries Data Sources

Featured Country
Brazil's Online Marketing goes Boom
Italy by the Numbers
UK by the Numbers
INFOGRAPHIC: USA by the Numbers

Global Marketing Data Index
Brazil Scores 6.95 on the GMDI

Guest Writers
Successful Direct Mail Marketing to Latin America

Interesting Asides
Brexit: A very complicated exit
Connected Cars: From Hacking to Bullying
The OTHER Kind of Data Protection
cellphones, fingerprints, pakistan: Identity Management
Privacy, Terror, Tor, and Anonymity
Another view of Data Transfer - Submarine Cable
How the Postal Sector is Helping Save the Planet
When Someone Says, "We Value Our Relationship", Duck.
Addressing the World: what3words

News and Events
Join Us for Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk
Infocore Names New Chief Operating Officer
Meet us at the DMA!
Infocore Launches Predictive Scoring System for Marketing Data

Notable International Data
Direct Mail Marketing in Sweden
Italian Businesses by Category
Over 1 Billion Fully Permissioned Chinese Consumers
200,000,000 Chinese Consumers
Consumers in South Africa
Asia Pacific Business List
High Level Business Buyers APAC
English speaking APAC execs
Notable Data: Argentina, making a comeback
Brazilian Consumer Masterfile
Business Decision Makers in China
4 million active businesses in Germany
Reaching Canada Business Execs
Chinese Mobile Phone Users
European Execs with Exceptional Selects
Marketing to Families in Spain
Consumers in France
Global B2B Sr Execs with eMails
Global B2B Contacts by Job Functions & Skills
Consumers in Hungary; an entire Hungarian Village for Rent
Highly Selectable Consumer file for Italy
Comprehensive Japan Business File
LATAM Mobile Phone Subscribers
Malaysian Residents
Mexican Consumers
Middle East
Puerto Rican Consumers file
Robust Australian Consumers List
Russian Business file
6.2 million Households in Spain
Swiss Consumers
Consumers in Turkey
Notable Data: Chile & Peru
Consumer Files: Australia, New Zealand
Available Data: Malaysia and Singapore
Data Files: Mexico and Canada
Brunei: The TPP Country no one has heard of
Vietnam: Obama, Bourdain, Tariffs, and TPP
UK Consumers with Abundant Selects

Yes You CAN!
Yes You CAN Use the Power of Email for New Customer Acquisition