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International Data Inventory

Wondering what available inventory looks like for markets around the globe? Infocore maintains the world’s largest international direct marketing repository, tracking more than 5,000 distinct datasets from 100+ countries around the world.

To make it easier to quickly browse available datasets, we’ve also created specialty data catalogs which briefly summarize the extensive data we house in our repository. Each listing includes basic information on each dataset we’re tracking. If you like what you see, contact us and give us the List IDs of the datasets you are interested in, and we’ll be glad to send you the full, comprehensive details of each dataset.

Infocore’s International Data Catalogs are free to download.

Business Data Worldwide

Consumer Data Worldwide

Wondering what's in our International Data Repository? Here are some regional and country by country totals. You can get more detail in our Data Catalogs above, and, if you want a fully detailed summary, please contact and we’ll generate a custom summary for you within 1 business day.