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Spotlight: Tech, Hardware & Software

By supporting some of the fastest growing and best known brands in the Tech sector, Infocore has developed a reputation for identifying and engaging tech-savvy and tech hungry audiences in the US, and around the globe.

Consumer Electronics, Hardware and Software clients rely on Infocore to identify, test and engage active audiences that are well qualified and highly responsive to these unique marketing messages and offers.

To support our Tech clients, Infocore offers:

  • Access to high performing, current owners of similar or competitive technologies
  • Active shoppers seeking specific products in a known time frame
  • Music product fanatics
  • Leading and Bleeding edge tech buyers
  • B2B hardware and software buyers
  • Specialized global customer segmentation solutions to help identify critical insights about new, promising markets for specific product offerings
  • Data hygiene, standardization, address correction solutions from hand-selected “in-market” service providers
  • Finely tuned data to support market penetration to local audiences whose needs are different from market to market

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