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Spotlight: Automotive

Infocore has deep, extensive experience in the automotive category. Seasoned teams of experts have targeted, managed and delivered conquesting campaigns in the automotive category for over 12 years.

Campaigns focus on:

  • Identifying Hand Raisers
  • Vehicle Launches
  • Re-engaging former loyalists
  • Supporting Nationwide Sales Events
  • Achieving New Customer Acquisition
  • Reaching precisely targeted consumers based on critical attributes such as:
    • “Green” interests
    • Custom campaigns for specific ethnicities
    • Lifestage triggers (pregnant families, empty nesters, new drivers)
    • Luxury shoppers
    • Adventure and road trip buyers

Each year, Infocore’s teams reach tens of millions of active, in-market shoppers with unique, high impact campaigns that drive traffic to dealerships, and sell cars. Infocore’s Automotive clients and their agency partners receive exceptional service and unbeatable ROI from its uniquely specialized automotive ecosystem:

  • More than a dozen proven audiences that continuously reach the most active, qualified in-market car shoppers in the US. Our lengthy relationships with these audience owners give us unique advantages for pricing and service.
  • Proprietary post campaign sales analysis tools to “close the loop”, giving OEMs sophisticated tools to gauge and analyze performance by make and model, sale location, campaign, audience and more.
  • A massive Benchmarking database that allows clients to compare their own campaign performance with that of others in the industry. Our fully anonymized dataset includes more than 750 million records and over 1000 separate campaigns, giving marketers high value insights into performance.
  • “Dealerization” tools that help agencies handling campaigns for customized groups of dealers. Our customized systems allow agencies to manage:
    • Detailed dealer maps that unite dealer IDs and dealer coverage areas
    • Available audience inventory by dealer
    • Demand collection tools to make individual dealer participation tracking and billing easier and error free

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