Infocore meets the needs of global insurance marketers who are seeking to capitalize on surging demand for insurance products in countries with fast growing middle-class populations, including the biggest markets in the world, like China, Brazil and India.

Infocore studies the insurance market continuously in order to provide relevant and highly targeted data to its clients. Recent category spend has increased 100% or more, driving consumers to research and switch for lower price. Consumers now shop for insurance armed with facts, price sheets, and highly competitive offers, making the stakes for effective marketing even higher.

Infocore helps its insurance clients meet those challenges head on, and win.

Insurance Services

  • High ROI acquisition and lead generation
  • Twenty years of experience working with insurance providers
  • A keen knowledge of the industry, the players, and the data that delivers results
  • Data innovation to find the perfect target market
  • Enterprise segmentation to execute strategy and find customer value
  • Data to support retention and loyalty initiatives with quantified value
  • Harmonizing online and offline data acquisition for multi-channel campaigns