High quality data acquisition
that drives marketing success.
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For each client program, Infocore undertakes an extensive research process to identify the ideal datasets that will support the program objectives. All potential sources are vetted, and a detailed recommendation is delivered. Once the final data is selected, Infocore coordinates and actively manages the delivery and data processing, following every aspect of the execution all the way through to metrics reporting. Infocore’s Data Acquisition clients are incredibly loyal, because they know they can count on Infocore to:

Remain Data Agnostic. Infocore doesn’t own any data, and only recommends datasets that are precisely chosen for each client program. Our objectivity is never in question.

Manage the Economics. Because we’ve been in business for 25 years, our reputation for working with top tier clients sourcing high volumes of data is well known, and well respected. The data owners we work with know they can count on us to deliver strong buyers, and as a result we’re able to deliver some of the best pricing available for the data we source.

Listen and React. To hit the mark, it’s imperative that we fully understand every nuance of the project and its objectives. Once accomplished, the Infocore team immediately gets to work, and turns around every aspect of the project on time, and on budget.

Superior Service. Service is our business. We get the big picture, and we sweat the small stuff, and keep our clients informed and in control, every step of the way.