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About the company

Since 1992, Infocore has been serving data-driven marketers with a full range of direct marketing data selection and campaign execution services. Since its inception 25 years ago, Infocore has always prized campaign performance, integrity and quality above all else. Our partnerships, whether with clients, data suppliers, partners or vendors, are the foundation of our business, and our employees are the lifeblood of our company.

Today Infocore supports clients in Automotive, Tech, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Travel, Retail, NonProfit and Entertainment, and delivers services in more than 150 countries on every continent around the world. Infocore’s services primarily fall into 3 categories:

  • New Customer Acquisition Marketing Campaigns – Infocore executes hundreds of US and international direct marketing campaigns every year, supporting some of the world’s biggest, most sophisticated marketers with unsurpassed audience targeting, execution and performance measurement
  • Database Enrichment and Append Projects – providing ideal data elements from all over the world to enhance customer databases of all kinds
  • Modeling, Analytics, Segmentation – Infocore’s network of in-country analytics and segmentation experts bring customer and marketplace insights to every marketer’s campaigns and programs

Infocore has been laser focused for the last 25 years on the discipline of new customer acquisition marketing for one-to-one marketers. Our experts have studied and practiced proven techniques, while introducing new and modernized approaches, as technology and the appetites and habits of buyers change over time.

Our business and our team of experts focus on:

  • Superb audience targeting
  • Meticulous campaign planning
  • Comprehensive execution management
  • In-depth, industry-leading performance reporting
  • Best-in-class campaign management technology
  • Actionable insights for new campaign planning

In 2017, Infocore launched its proprietary tech platform called CampaignTrac, which supports every campaign that Infocore delivers. With this sophisticated platform, one-to-one marketers have a set of never-before-available tools to audit performance, view and optimize performance in real time, and use industry-leading data visualization tools to analyze every aspect of their customer acquisition campaigns.


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