Start to finish.
Every detail is managed.

Campaign Management Graphic

Every marketing campaign is hectic: Tight deadlines. Demanding advertisers. Complicated executional details. It’s for these reasons that clients value Infocore and the expert team dedicated to your success.

Infocore’s role is to manage every aspect of every campaign so that our clients and their agency partners don’t have to. We roll up our sleeves and personally engage on every executional detail there is. We assume full responsibility for the success of every campaign. We’re accountable.

The result? Our agency partners are freed up to focus on their client relationships and strategy. Our brand clients get the confidence of knowing that a deeply experienced group of intensely focused professionals are managing every aspect of their campaign, and doing so in a trusted partnership with their agencies.

Pre Campaign

  • Research Lists
  • Run Predictive Scoring
  • Obtain Counts & Pricing
  • Negotiate with Data Vendors
  • Place Orders
  • Confirm Email Deployment Specs
  • Coordinate Matching Postal
  • Establish Pre-Campaign Testing Protocol
  • Prepare Campaign Plans & Data Strategies


  • Manage Suppressions
  • Execute Controls & Seeds
  • Manage Merge/Purge
  • Test Creative Assets and Links
  • Formalize and Manage Delivery Timetables
  • Complete Testing & Revisions
  • Get Approvals
  • Deploy Campaigns
  • Manage Deployments

Post Campaign

  • Obtain Match Backs
  • Gather All Metrics and Results from all Vendors
  • Prepare and Deliver Tracking Reports
  • Manage all vendor payments invoicing
  • Prepare and Deliver Analytics and Benchmark Comparisions

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