Tool, tactics & expertise
to reach the right audience.


One-to-one marketers understand how critical audience selection is to the success of any campaign. But finding the right audience from a sea of seemingly similar options is not just time consuming – it’s also high risk. No one wants to spend money to reach the wrong or an unresponsive audience.

Yet in the US alone, there are over 30,000 one-to-one marketing audiences to reach US consumers, and more than 20,000 to reach B2B audiences. That’s why Infocore offers so many tools, tactics and experts to help our clients and their agency partners hone in on exactly the right audience for each product, offer and campaign.

Gaining Perspective

To give clients perspective into the number and nature of available audiences, Infocore regularly conducts extensive market studies. Once completed, these studies identify one-to-one marketing audiences that offer marketers access to responsive, high impact responders based on key demographics or purchase behaviors, such as foodies or frequent travelers. Infocore’s landscape studies give marketers both the high level and the detail they need to select the precisely perfect audience.

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Audience Profiling and Scoring

To go further into audience analysis and targeting, Infocore offers sophisticated tools for rigorously inspecting and assessing new audiences. These unique tools let clients look past the marketing hype by the audience owner, and instead evaluate the nature of available audiences based on customized criteria that are critical to each client’s definition of success.

Infocore also tracks the performance of third party audiences used by its clients in live campaigns, via CampaignTrac, Infocore’s proprietary campaign measurement platform. With these entirely unique measurement techniques, Infocore has insights into audience performance that are unrivaled in the industry.

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